Shamar Forté – Bright Lights music video


I edited a video for Shamar Forté, co-directing with Dallas J Logan and New World Group.
Shot over a white cyc at West Street Studios in Brooklyn combined with footage I shot of food coloring swirling around in a baking pan on top of a light table.

This is Bright Lights off the Fear of Failure EP

Shamar Forté – “Bright Lights” Official Music Video from shamar forte on Vimeo.

Free iPod video download:

Directed by Dallas J Logan and New World Group
Camera by Dallas J. Logan, Sean Biffar and Dan Boujoulian
Edit / Visual Effects by Dan Boujoulian / VisualNoiz
Art Director: Marc Clark
Stylist: Marc Clark
Shamar’s Makeup by Akil Bascombe
Model: Paula Nissen
Paula’s Makeup Sariah Eisenberg
Paula’s Hair : Rico
Whatever Singer: Krista Tietjen
Whatever Singing Model: Rayuana Aleyce
Rayuna Makeup: Victor Amos
Dancing Silhouette: Marlon Miller
Written by Shamar Forte and Z. Charles Hannah
Guitar: Alan Morillo
Music Producer Music Mix/ Engineer: David Labuguen
Music Producer: Z. Charles Hannah

Special Thanks: Red Car NY, Cameron Michael, Aaron Bawol & Elias Ragues

Captured entirely at West Street Studios, Greenpoint, Brooklyn