The Armenian Spread Documentary

In 1991 I began a journey to tell the story of my family’s history. In 2019 I went on 2 road trips to capture new footage of my cousins across the continent explaining how their family came to be where they are today.

The first trailer for this film, released in Spring of 2020.

Stephen Nazareth Boujoulian in 1991 during my first video interview.
A brainstorming voiceover in my Atlanta studio…. turned out not to be a scratch track after all.
I met my cousin Vazken Antablian during my second road trip interviews of 2019.
My cousin Chris Johnson during my first road trip interviews of 2019.

Online Edit for frnkiero and the cellabration “Weighted” music video

John Marinis at Goodpenny edited this piece and I onlined it in Flame 2015

directed by John Carlucci and Brandon Laganke of ghost cow films, with special effects by Tate Steinsiek of illwilled productionsSpecial Thanks to Robert Houllahan of Lunar Films

Collaboration with Sean Biffar on Verboten Nothing Is Forbidden

helped out Sean Biffar on this one with some animated video screens for web video Nothing Is Forbidden / Spring 2014
Verboten New York

iOS users watch here.

Nothing Is Forbidden / Spring 2014 from Verboten New York on Vimeo.