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  • Shamar Forté – Bright Lights music video

    I edited a video for Shamar Forté, co-directing with Dallas J Logan and New World Group. Shot over a white cyc at West Street Studios in Brooklyn combined with footage I shot of food coloring swirling around in a baking pan on top of a light table. This is Bright Lights off the Fear of…

  • Hous 247 Promo

    Hous 247 Promo from Sean Biffar on Vimeo. Another piece with Sean Biffar. He did a rough outline edit in Final Cut Pro and we re-edited together in Autodesk Smoke

  • Blue & White, Farmington High School Newspaper – Bugle Boy Spoof

    We released a very special April Fools Edition of our high school newspaper, The Blue & White. In classic sitcom style, I offered to switch jobs with the Editor in Chief, taking over the duties. That turned into an extra slip over cover for the issue, where I would get my own sappy Editor in…