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Shamar Forté – Bright Lights music video

I edited a video for Shamar Forté, co-directing with Dallas J Logan and New World Group.
Shot over a white cyc at West Street Studios in Brooklyn combined with footage I shot of food coloring swirling around in a baking pan on top of a light table.

This is Bright Lights off the Fear of Failure EP

Shamar Forté – “Bright Lights” Official Music Video from shamar forte on Vimeo.

Free iPod video download: bit.ly/BrightLightsDownload
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Creative Editorial / Online Edit – Music, Heartbreak & Humility – J-Eye Music

Teaser for J-Eye docu series “Music, Heartbreak & Humility”

Music, Heartbreak & Humility from Dan Boujoulian on Vimeo.

J-EyE – Docu-Series Music, Heartbreak & Humility Trailer

Camera/Music – Junn & J-EyE
Edit – Dan Boujoulian / VisualNoiz